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Gasket : Tape Gasket

Tape Gasket

Gasket : Tape Gasket

Product Name:ePTFE Joint Sealant Tap

Item:RK- TA450

RK TA 450 is an inorganic sealant for static applications made of 100% PTFE (Teflon). A unique process converts PTFE to a micro-porous fibrous structure, resulting a sealant with an unsurpassed combination of mechanical and chemical properties. It is supplied with a self-adhesive strip for easy fitting.

Product Name:Braided Expanded Graphite Tube

Item:RK- TU240

Braided Expanded Graphite Tube Style TU240 is a braided tube, made of expanded graphite yarn, formed into a strip/tape with rectangle and flat section Style TU240S -----TU240 with a self-adhesive-film on one side For easy fitting Style TU240E ----- TU240 Reinforced with inconel wire The Inconel wire reinforcement provides greater mechanical strength. Style TU240ES ----TU240E with a self-adhesive-film It shows good thermal resistance, chemical resistance and high elasticity.

Product Name:Braided Expanded Graphite Tape

Item:RK TA240

Braided Expanded Graphite Tape-Knitted with an innovative expanded pure graphite yarn .has high strength and good flexibility .It can be used as packing and sealing gasket, with metallic wire is also available

Product Name:Corrugated Graphite Tape


Corrugated Graphite Tape--It cut from pure graphite roll by exact lathe, and then press it with corrugated profile by special calender. Style TA440CS is corrugated graphite tape with self-adhesive coating.With corrosion inhibitor, are also available on request.

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