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Machine : Machines for Cut Gasket

Machines for Cutting Gasket

Machine : Machines for Cut Gasket

Product Name:Metal foil Puncher

Item:RK 840MP

For making tanged metal sheet. It is efficient with double line needle. Change single needles easily, and low cost. Dia. Of needle: ??1.2mm, ??1.5, for complex sheet thick.1.2~1.6mm, and 1.5~3.0mm

Product Name:Complex sheet calender

Item:RK 840CC

To compound graphite, asbestos and non-asbestos etc non-metallic sheet reinforced with tanged or smooth metal foil insertion. Roller Dia.300mm is normal for width 1000mm, and dia.350mm or 400mm for width 1500mm

Product Name:Gasket cutter with double Knives

Item:RK 840GC

To cut non(semi)-metallic round gaskets or segments, inner and outer dia. Is finished synchronously. Especially for making reinforced graphite gasket.

Product Name:Eyelets metal Tape shaper

Item:RK 840ETS

Forming flat metal tape into U profile for eyelets of cutting gaskets The speed can be adjusted.

Product Name:Eyelets Wrapping machine

Item:RK 840EW

Fixing U profile metal tape to inner or outer border of gasket by roller. The metal eyelets can offer special protection against blowout and chemical attack, also improve seal-ability due to the local higher stress under eyelets.

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